Release notes V1.0.11


  • MEDSYNC® now detects when a sync is broken because a fill was missed. This new exception status is shown as “Not Filled.” Patient pickup notifications are not sent for these Rxs
  • MEDSYNC® will now send refill notifications for Red Exceptions Statuses insufficient quantity and inactive. This is in anticipation that the Rx will be renewed by the pick up notification date
  • Ability to acknowledge Sync Exceptions status that you have already addressed in the pharmacy
  • Ability to search notifications by their colour status.
  • Ability to add a custom comment to the refill queue for the next refill sent to your Pharmacy Management System
  • When MEDSYNC® requests a fill quantity, the comment is shorted to “FQ:” (no longer states “please fill.”)
  • Option to enroll a previously synced patient (no longer need to add prescriptions quantities while enrolling)
  • Remove postal code from patient search results and allow sorting by any column
  • Various user interface changes