The New Model

Our system has a heavy focus on proactive, rather than reactive treatment, ensuring the best possible care for patients, and more time to grow your pharmacy.

The new model is appointment based

MEDSYNC® can help you synchronize multiple prescriptions for individual patients through our Appointment Based Model (ABM), and incorporate a streamline system for every type of medication or packaging.


40 per cent of people are unaware of medication synchronization programs.


83 per cent of people in a medication synchronization program find it helpful in managing prescriptions.

Reactive pharmacies are the norm in Canada.

Without our Appointment Based Model, pharmacies are reliant on revenue generated by professional allowances from drug manufacturers. As government regulations shrink this stream of revenue, pharmacies must seek new opportunities while managing an unpredictable workload.

MEDSYNC® helps you save time through workflow optimization and personnel efficiencies. When you align patient refills to their sync date, you’re able to better organize workflows, and shift toward a proactive model. Benefits include:

  • More one-on-one time with your patients
  • More opportunities to offer expanded services
  • Early intervention and timely refills for better patient health outcomes
  • Required inventory is always on hand
  • More time for billable services


Up to 70 per cent of overall prescriptions processed can be refilled proactively.


Refill prescriptions are increased 18 to 26 per cent, lifting pharmacy revenue by almost $60K for every 100 patients enrolled in MEDSYNC®.

10-7-3 Workflow

With the MEDSYNC® 10-7-3 workflow, pharmacies can align patient medication pick up dates to create a single sync date. The sync date can also be used to schedule appointments, creating more opportunities for pharmacists to offer reimbursable expanded services.

10 days prior to sync date

An automated outbound notification is sent to the patient to advise of upcoming refills. Pending any changes, the patient is instructed to contact the pharmacy.

7 days prior to sync date

Medications to be filled are dropped into the Pharmacy Management System’s “to do” refill queue.

3 days prior to sync date

An automated outbound notification is sent to the patient, informing them that their order is ready for pick up.

Better outcomes and opportunities

Streamline your pharmacy workflow and improve your bottom line while offering improved, more individualized care to your patients.