MEDSYNC® Features

We want to help your pharmacy move toward a more efficient and dynamic practice. Explore our features to discover how.

Enhance your pharmacy

MEDSYNC®‘s three key features are designed to help you schedule and manage patient appointments for a more proactive workflow:

Medication synchronization

Fewer trips to the pharmacy for patients while increasing fill rates for pharmacies.

Appointment scheduling

The Appointment Based Model (ABM) allows for more predictable demand and workload balancing.

Automated patient alerts

No wait times—prescriptions are ready when patients arrive for pick up.

How MEDSYNC® works

Identify patients

Patients who are on chronic medications are eligible for MEDSYNC®. We’ll help you find your pharmacy’s best candidates, and with the MEDSYNC® marketing kit, you’ll be able to provide patients with all the information they need to enroll.

Automated patient alerts, better workflow

After signing the consent form, patients can choose their preferred communication method — text message, email, or phone call. They can also indicate their preference for prescription pick up or delivery.

With the 10-7-3 workflow, patients are notified of their pick up date 10 days prior, giving them the opportunity to contact the pharmacy with any changes. Three days before their pick up date, they are reminded to pick up their medications, helping them to avoid a missed or late refill.

Synchronize medications

MEDSYNC® helps you synchronize all applicable medications and packaging types, while also allowing for multiple syncs.

MEDSYNC® identifies upcoming fills and unfills, and calculates initial short or long fills based on available quantities, and schedules sync dates for patient pick up based on the chosen intervals.

Central Fill packaging

MEDSYNC® is free for our Central Fill customers.

When paired with Central Fill, our program can proactively supply up to 70 per cent of your refills with automated notifications to patients, eliminating the majority of outbound customer communication and unexpected refills. Your profitability will increase with lower refill costs, reduced inventory levels, maximized formulary compliance, less waste, and an extremely low error rate.

Improving the primary care chain

Enhanced services and increased medication adherence with MEDSYNC® boosts pharmacy and patient experiences, while working with physicians and payers.