How You Benefit

MEDSYNC® is your pharmacy’s solution for growing profitability and providing better patient health care.

Better every step of the way

MEDSYNC® improves the primary care chain—giving a boost to your pharmacy and patient experiences, while working with physicians and payers—resulting in enhanced services and increased medication adherence.

MEDSYNC® benefits:

Pharmacy & Staff

  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Enhanced patient interaction, drug therapy monitoring, loyalty, and care
  • Increased medication adherence and fill rates
  • Better health outcomes for patients
  • More time available to identify and implement new revenue streams
  • Central Fill keeps inventory low for less spoilage
MEDSYNC® benefits:


  • Convenient notifications prevent missed or late refills
  • Coordinated pick-up dates for all medications resulting in fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • No waiting — refill prescriptions are ready when patient arrives for pick-up
  • Peace of mind knowing their pharmacist is proactively monitoring their medication profile
  • More time with pharmacist to understand their medications better and utilize enhanced expanded services
  • Better health as a result of maximizing effectiveness of drug therapy
MEDSYNC® benefits:


  • Consolidated authorization requests for synced patients
  • Collaboration with pharmacist on patient medication adherence issues
  • Improved health outcomes for patients taking drug therapy for chronic disease
MEDSYNC® benefits:


  • Adherence is becoming a key part of new payment models
  • Green Shield is promoting the benefits of medication synchronization
  • Fewer unnecessary ER visits, short term disability insurance payments and laboratory tests resulting in lower health care costs

Pharmacists love the ABM

The Appointment Based Model is a proven system for better revenue and patient care, and MEDSYNC® clients are the proof.