Central Fill

When paired with Central Fill, our program can increase your profitability with lower refill costs, reduced inventory levels, maximized formulary compliance, less waste, and an extremely low error rate.

Moving pharmacy forward

MEDSYNC® is free for our Central Fill customers.

Central Fill solutions improve pharmacy workflow for prescription-filling, resulting in better patient outcomes.

If your practice processes a high volume of prescriptions daily, Providen’s Central Fill services can help you spend less time dispensing, and more time focussing on patient care.

Central Fill frees your time by outsourcing centralized prescription assembly, product verification, and packaging, with the finished product delivered right to your pharmacy.

Lower cost-to-fill

Central Fill lowers the labour cost to fill prescriptions by moving that process into a safe, centralized prescription assembly monitored by a registered pharmacist.

Centralized fulfillment leverages automation, reducing pharmacy inventory costs, while streamlining the supply chain results in greater efficiencies.

Easy patient communication

When paired with our Central Fill service, MEDSYNC® can proactively supply up to 70 per cent of your refills with automated notifications to patients, eliminating the majority of outbound customer communication and unexpected refills.

Improved practice
  • Lower cost to fill prescriptions
  • Pharmacists have time to perform other services
  • Increased accuracy of dispensing
  • Lower inventory
  • Same terms on professional allowances
  • Packaging includes compliance cards, strip packing, vial filling, and other services

Central Fill services are available to pharmacies in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Pharmacists love the ABM

The Appointment Based Model is a proven system for better revenue and patient care, and MEDSYNC® clients are the proof.