The MEDSYNC® Solution

MEDSYNC® is a new system designed to boost medication adherence in patients. We help pharmacists streamline their workflow by synchronizing client medication schedules, resulting in a single pick up date.

Non-adherence is affecting Canadians’ health.

Medication-related non-adherence is resulting in hospital admissions, readmissions and emergency room visits across the country. At the same time, we know pharmacists are concerned about their bottom line. Those trends in non-adherence also signal missed opportunities for your business.


50 per cent of Canadians are non-adherent to their chronic medications.


69 per cent of medication-related hospitalizations are due to non-adherence.

When you improve medication adherence, patients keep coming back.

Pharmacies with a medication synchronization program that implement an Appointment Based Model (ABM) have shown that their enrolled patients are significantly more adherent to drug therapy. Patients get better health outcomes, and your pharmacy boosts its revenue.


95 per cent of MEDSYNC® users say it’s more convenient than traditional pharmacy services.


32 per cent of MEDSYNC® patients are more adherent to their medications, translating to 84 additional days of drug therapy per year.

The Appointment Based Model

Implementing ABM at your pharmacy creates more predictable demand and workload balancing, allowing pharmacists to spend more time on proactive clinical care.