MEDSYNC helps pharmacists implement the Appointment Based Model.

The ABM will save your pharmacy time, increase patient health and your revenue



Patients have all prescriptions ready at one time every month. Pharmacies have enrolled patient’s medications scheduled and reminders ensure no gaps in care.

Work-Flow Optimizations

Medication synchronization is a way to organize and streamline operations. Central fill is available for proactive refills to further streamline processes.

Personnel efficiencies

Pharmacists are free to perform more clinical services. Pharmacy technicians have additional job opportunities to organize the day to day operations of MEDSYNC.

Stronger Patient Relationships

Both patients and prescribers alike love the idea of MEDSYNC, providing yet another way for pharmacists to forge deeper relationships.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Research shows extremely high levels of satisfaction among patients enrolled in MEDSYNC and ABM programs. Reference: Holdford, D. Inocencio, T. Appointment Based Model Data Analysis Report. (Print)

Revenue Increases

MEDSYNC and ABM can lead to 2–3.5 additional prescription refills per participating patient over the course of a year. Scheduled monthly appointments provide opportunities for medication reviews, medication therapy management, and counseling with participating patients, which are often billable services and can represent sources of revenue.


MEDSYNC is a new system designed to increase medication adherence in patients. We help pharmacists’ streamline their workflow by synchronizing client medication schedules, resulting in a single pick up date.

Our system provides medication synchronization, automated patient alerts, and appointment scheduling.

Patients will receive pick up notifications through email, text, or phone call, allowing the pharmacist to have their prescriptions ready by the determined date.

We want to help our clients move toward a more efficient and dynamic practise in their pharmacies.

The MEDSYNC difference

Our system has a heavy focus on proactive, rather than reactive treatment, ensuring patients get the best possible care.

We have the ability to synchronize multiple prescriptions for individual patients, and have a streamline system for every type of medication or packaging — including non-oral medications.

Our system improves patient outcomes by reducing non-adherence-based hospital and nursing home admissions, fewer unnecessary emergency room, physician visits, and laboratory tests.

We save pharmacists time. MEDSYNC provides automatic medication synchronization, and when paired with our Central Fill service, MEDSYNC can proactively supply up to 70 per cent of your refills with automated notifications to patients, eliminating the majority of outbound customer communication and unexpected refills.

We help a pharmacy increase its revenue by boosting patients’ adherence to their medication. MEDSYNC ensures patients come back when they’re supposed to, preventing missed or late refills.

Your efficiency solution

With MEDSYNC, outbound calling, prescription monitoring and compliance packaging are all handled, which means more time for you to focus on pharmacy growth, and providing the best care for your patients.

MEDSYNC In-Store Kit

MEDSYNC’s In-Store Kit includes marketing tools, enrollment forms, signs, bag-stuffers, media talking points, and a physician letter.

MEDSYNC Compliance packaging

Our compliance packaging is a completely customizable part of our MEDSYNC system. We handle packaging for you, and deliver prescriptions right to your pharmacy.

Our new, effective strip packaging helps patients take the right medication at the right time.


If you’re interested in MEDSYNC, please contact us for a one-on-one demo.

Helpful Resources

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Our product features

Medication synchronization, automated patient alerts and appointment scheduling, find out more about the MEDSYNC model.

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Our Solution

MEDSYNC works natively and seamlessly with your dispensing system. Once installed, setup takes only minutes and afterward you may view upcoming patient activities in our secure management portal.

MEDSYNC engages patients and pharmacy